Green Fund

About The Green Fund Executing Unit (GFEU)

The Green Fund Executing Unit serves as the administrative and operational division of the Green Fund.   The Unit is the point of contact for all applicants and its staff communicates with the Advisory Committee regarding referrals of applications to the Fund via its Project Coordinator.

To enhance the quality of the natural environment of Trinidad and Tobago and achieve the goal of the National Environmental Policy of environmentally sustainable development by the provision of financial assistance from the Green Fund to organisations and community groups engaged in remediation, reforestation and conservation activities.

We are an articulate, diligent, innovative Unit facilitating the promotion and implementation of the Green Fund through partnerships, particularly with local organizations and community groups, towards environmentally sustainable development thereby improving the wellbeing of all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

The mandate of the Green Fund Executing Unit is to manage the implementation and operations of the Green Fund.

The GFEU executes its mandate through the following core functions:

  1. Promote the Green Fund among key stakeholders, including public and private sector agencies and beneficiary organizations and community groups;
  2. Receive and ensure proposals submitted for funding from eligible organizations and community groups meet the criteria of the Green Fund;
  3. Forward proposals received to the Green Fund Advisory Committee for review and recommendation for certification;
  4. Monitor the implementation of projects approved for funding, including evaluation of performance, auditing and reporting;
  5. Coordinate all activities with respect to the administration of the Green Fund;
  6. Implement the financial system, including monitoring and reporting, in keeping with legal and institutional requirements;
  7. Provision of timely reports in conformity with requirements of the Green Fund (Amendment) Regulations 2011.

Green Fund Advisory Committee (GFAC)
Members of the GFAC are appointed by the Minister with the responsibility for the Environment.  The members represent a variety of expertise relevant to the Green Fund including law, finance, environmental management and forestry sectors. It is legislated that there will be no less than five (5) and no more than nine (9) members serving a two year period. The Committee’s primary role is to advise the Minister regarding applications for funding.


  • Mr. Inshan Meahjohn – Chairman
  • Ms. Falon Attai
  • Mr. Andrew Cross
  • Mr. Noel Foderingham
  • Mr. Vishnu Moonansingh
  • Ms. Marina Narinesingh
  • Mr. Samuel Ragbir
  • Mr. Rajiv Rikki
  • THA Nominee (Tbd)