1. Getting Started with RIMS (UWI Staff)

    To get Started:

    1. Head over to the log/Register page
    2. Select Register at the bottom of the form
    3. Enter your Staff ID as the Username
    4. Enter your UWI Staff email address as the email address
    5. Enter a password, and select Register

    Failure to provide a valid UWI ID, or a valid Staff UWI email, will restrict your access to posting new material on this site.

  2. Why use RIMS?

    RIMS is also used by the Office of Research Development and Knowledge Transfer to match local and local and international research funding and consulting opportunities with the expertise of our staff here at The UWI St. Augustine campus.

  3. What is RIMS?

    The Research Information Management System, developed by the Office of Research Development and Knowledge Transfer is an Information Technology tool centered around promoting collaboration between staff here at the campus, as well as creating opportunities for staff recognition.

  4. What is a Project?

    A Project in RIMS, is anything work or material done as research or related to research done at The University of the West Indies St. Augustine. This includes but is not limited to:

    1. Books
    2. Publications
    3. Film
    4. Presentations
    5. Seminars
    6. Inventions

    Any of the items listed above can be added to RIMS.

  5. Does RIMS Collect Personal, Confidential or IP Related Information?

    1. When entering project information in RIMS you do not have to divulge any information that could be used to compromise any patented or Intellectual property information. You only need to include a title and a short description of the Work(s) or Research conducted,.
    2. If the work or Research done has the ability to become commercialized, or you wish to secure a patent or trademark on the material, you can indicate that information, and the Office of Research Development and Knowledge Transfer will contact you individually, and partner with you to further develop of the work or research, and secure intellectual property rights for your works.
  6. What is Expertise?

    “Research Expertise” refers to areas under which a Researcher has published and/or has a reasonable degree (at least one year) of research experience. Areas of expertise relating to teaching are only included if the individual has also done research in the area.

  7. What are Research Areas?

    “Research Areas” refer to general areas under which all research done in a Department could be categorized. If a Department has already decided on its ‘research clusters’ these would serve as the listing of its Research Areas.