Goals of RIMS:
This project seeks to develop a robust enterprise-wide research information management that would represent the campus’ interests in research and development and provide critical support to research staff. The project also seeks to mobilize research staff with the tools to take responsibility for managing their research and for contributing to the development of research at the campus in a substantial manner.

RIMS aims to assist in improving the operational efficiency, thereby increasing The UWI’s capacity to execute collaborative research projects by:

  1. providing useful information for planning, control, and security.
  2. representing the university’s interests in research and development
  3. providing information for forming multi/inter-disciplinary and multi-institutional teams for new research initiatives and opportunities
  4. identifying on-going R&D projects and project teams across the campus
  5. facilitating the distribution of information among research staff
  6. identifying appropriate collaborators and partners from the public and private sector, regional universities, and other institutions.
  7. identifying possible commercial partnerships, joint ventures and commercial consultancies
  8. assisting in forming strategic research alliances
  9. disseminating information on research and development and related funding opportunities
  10. providing information about institutional policy for example, ethics policy, intellectual property policy that guide all aspects of research
  11. identifying opportunities for exploitation of intellectual property for the benefit of staff and for the benefit of the campus as a whole
  12. providing guidance regarding the development and implementation of new research institutes and centers
  13. providing reports on research and development, publications, media, outreach activities and other related research outputs
  14. providing senior campus management with information for strategic decision making
  15. mobilizing staff to take responsibility and ownership of a robust research management system