RIMS: Collaboration, Transparency and Research


The University of the West Indies is the only university with a Caribbean focus and a global reach. It is an international university with faculty and students from over 40 countries and collaborative links to more than 60 universities around the world. Through our four campuses, including the Open Campus for distance education, the UWI serves 17 countries in the region. Our faculty and alumni include experts in Engineering, Humanities and Education, Law, Medical Sciences, Pure & Applied Sciences, Science & Agriculture and Social Sciences. To effectively facilitate the collaboration between the researchers across the region, and our campuses, we employ the use of modern day technology. This platform is intended to act as a digital bridge between researchers, and encourage cross campus collaboration, as improve the quality of research output at the University.

Why invest in Research Information Management?

Research activity is a fundamental activity for many quality Tertiary level institutions and it also a major revenue income stream. In common with all other areas of endeavour, research is becoming increasingly dependent on information systems to manage the complex information flows that it creates. Reductions in public university funding and changes to external reporting requirements mean that there is an increased need for institutions to be able to demonstrate how their research funds were utilized and the value for money they provided.

How to integrate your research management systems?

Many universities are looking to increase the efficiency of their research information management system to meet these demands while minimising costs. Research information is often scattered across an institution: grant management in the finance office, a publications database in the research office, a repository in the library. A research information management system integrates these different systems to provide high quality information at reduced cost.

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How Improved Research Management Impacts You

Easy Access  to Grant Information

RIMS is the first stop for The Office of Research Development and Knowledge Transfer at the St. Augustine Campus and the University Office of Research, in selecting compatible Researchers and Contributors for funding opportunities that are pursued at the University s.  RIMS is also a resource that can be monitored for updates on grant information held by research councils saving administrative time on finding available funding opportunities.